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    Sharing knowledge has been one of the main priorities for Athenorm since its establishment. As experts, we obviously keep a close eye on the latest developments in cybersecurity worldwide. We are delighted to share this knowledge with you.

  • Nabila Sofia Echadli

    Founder Athenorm Intelligence


    Managing Partner CEO & Founder of thriving businesses, Sofia is an inspiring Female Leader with an international entrepreneurial edge. With her impressive management and leadership skills, she actively operates businesses in the Cyber Security, Blockchain & AI industries while focusing on strategic leadership in Venture Capital Fundraising. Her skill sets also include Reverse Engineering Malware an Cyber Security crisis management.

    Marcel Roelants

    Marcel have helped building organizations from grown up to deliver growth and expand to their ultimate potential. He has a broad experience in change-leadership, from start-ups to global market leaders like GE and MasterCard, in both industrial business processes as well as Payment Services and Fintech. He is always been driving by the latest innovation improving operations while keeping the customer in mind. Marcel has led several manufacturing process ,turn-arounds and financial services P&L’s up to $1 billion revenue. Managed teams directly and indirectly of 200+ people.

    Michael Brougham

    Chief Information officer


    Michael has over 20 years of technical knowledge and experience in both public and private sector.International experience includes working for the OECD headquarters at the Chateau de la Muette in Paris, France. Organization which serves as an observer economic activity of the world for the United Nations. Public sectors in Canada include Parks Canada and Public Works Canada. Worked in Emirates building online projects with the ECSSR. Skillsets include business analysis, programming, DBA, security, project management related to software development and digital marketing strategies. Affinity with getting involved with B2B and B2C full stack platforms. Currently working in fintech space involving micro lending and pre-paid card solutions. Streamlining lending process by integrating automation and paperless environments. Continually optimizing underwriting assessments using alternative datasets, machine learning and business modeling to create predictive risk assessment. Engaged alternative currency, blockchain and AI solutions related to finance sector.



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