Our approach is beyond avant-garde, we seed from ground up while auditing your infrastructure.

    To better serve your audience, we make sure the integration of new agents is encrypted for maximum security. 

    We assist you in welcoming a full implementation into blockchain and AI.

  • Our Process With You

    At Athenorm Intelligence, we understand there is significant value in helping your organization drive towards longterm sustainable innovation. We also understand this can be an extremely difficult endeavour inside large complex organizations. We believe there are multiple routes to innovation. Sometimes you have an idea, sometimes we have an idea, and sometimes we develop one together.

    At the end of the day, we will help you develop a custom and secure integration of your new agents to better look over your logistics while guiding you on a journey of exploration into your present database challenges.
    We mainly consult on technological shifts for international companies, institutional partners and governments around the world.
    From blockchain innovation to intelligence and ambient computing.

    Athenorm Systematic Methodology

    Evaluation and Exploration

    Athenorm can conduct an in-house study of the areas where blockchain could be a threat or an opportunity for your company, producing a documented report on our findings. These studies usually take around two weeks.

    Some businesses prefer us to take a more passive role, participating in ideation workshops to guide your teams find the right concepts.


    As we dive into your business's potential, illustrating clearly upcoming opportunities and evaluate the challenges ahead is always the focus.


    Consultation in feasibility

    The Feasibility Study covers technical and/or financial viability of an idea. Technical feasibilities will compare existing blockchains protocols or products to achieve a specific goal, bespoke blockchain designs can be included in the study if necessary. These studies play a major role for startups looking to raise capital, the study will be written by people very respected in their industry. We start every mandate with a full audit of your actual needs and situation.

    Proof of concept & sprints

    Building a prototype or a proof of concept requires specialist knowledge to be done efficiently.

    The Athenorm team has years of blockchain experience, most of us being engaged in the development of the protocols themselves.

    Athenorm construct prototypes while testing in agile cycle. If you need a product to be built quickly and to your specifications, we are the right partner to engage with.

    Theoretical research and whitepapers

    When an idea or problem has never been solved before, our team can work on research papers to be published or used as supporting material to fund a project. These studies require deep expertise and are usually taking a few weeks of time to be completed. Athenorm papers are written by recognized figures in the industry. Our coaches work with you throughout the implementation process, working recognized industry standard methodologies and strategies to support your upcoming projects.


    Blockchain strategy

    The blockchain technology, or more accurately the blockchain protocols, will start being used in production in the next few months and become mainstream in a few years. Defining your strategy around blockchain is a necessity. From inexpensive market-watch to leading research in distributed ledgers, having a strategy doesn't mean "spending millions" in tech but knowing where you want to be when these threats and opportunities go live.Our team will help you pick the right direction for your company in line with your values.

    Advisory services and market expertise

    This is our most popular service and where our product-agnostic expertise comes to play. When your company is about to consider a blockchain implementation, we review it and guide your business or technical choices from a truly unbiased point of view. A typical example would be a Financial Services company willing to engage a Proof of Concept with a third party, but looking for a serious independent due-diligence/validation before signing the contract. We can also guide you to choose the best teams to develop your products depending on its characteristics. There is no "one size fits all" blockchain.

    Board membership as a service

    Venture Capitalists and Strategic Investment funds invest massively in the blockchain field, the demand for independent due-diligence is growing exponentially. Athenorm provide experts to represent your interests in the companies you invest in. We provide this service as a permanent board position or on a per-intervention basis.

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