• Cybersecurity is complicated - We"re here to help.

    The threat of cybercrime is the new reality for enterprises worldwide. It is not a matter of if you will be targeted, it is a matter of when. Unfortunately, most organizations are not proactive in their approach to information security; until they have been breached. Our team Security lead has practical experience addressing and managing the most complex security breaches. Through timely and strategic response to security incidents, Athenorm reduces recovery time, costs and damage. We offer Incident Response Retainers as well as hourly rate packages to support your remediation efforts.


    Threat Management Team combines expertise in assessment, advisory, scanning, and incident response services to measure your risk exposure and test your enterprise’s security controls and all access to your most valuable assets. Our Service Leads collaborate to develop a Cybersecurity Journey for your enterprise that matches your security goals, compliance readiness, and overall maturity.



    Vulnerability Scanning Services

    Business-critical systems are often impacted by vulnerabilities. The larger the company, the more complex the threat profile.

    Athenorm group recommends your enterprise embrace Vulnerability Scanning as an essential control requirement.



    • Improved Security – Identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Proactive scanning supports visibility, helping to improve security. This proactive monitoring  ensures you are one step ahead of threats
    • Time Saved- Don’t wait to remediate when it’s too late. A little attention paid on a consistent basis will be a significant time-saver in the long run.
    • Prioritized Risks- Scanning will provide more information to contextualize the priority vulnerabilities in your environment. The reports provided will help you assess what to fix, in what order.

    Audit compliances

    Athenorm is committed to performing and delivering globally consistent, high-quality audits sustained over time.

    High-quality audits enhance trust and confidence in the capital markets and facilitate economic growth. Maintaining the highest level of audit quality is, therefore, our highest priority. It is the single most important factor in our decision-making and the key measure on which our professional reputation stands.

    The Sustainable Audit Quality (SAQ) program is our commitment to conducting globally consistent, high-quality audits and is the foundation for keeping audit quality as our primary focus.


    We recruit, develop and retain the right people, embrace innovation, encourage simplification and monitor what we do closely.

    The changes introduced through SAQ have required significant investment and created a positive change for our people and the companies we audit.

    Cyber Security Assessment

    Determine the major cyber risks. Decide on the level of cybersecurity your organisation needs.

    • Insight into cyber risks.
    • Determine the current cyber security status.
    • Improvement program for optimising your cyber security.

    You want to optimise the cybersecurity of your organisation. You want to know which risks are real and what impact these will have on your operations. You also want to know if your organisation’s current security efforts and investments are sufficient, and to what extent. Moreover, you require a hands-on improvement program that suits your organisation, which you can use to raise cybersecurity to the intended level.


    The solution

    With Athenorm Cyber Security Assessment (‘ACSA’), we provide your organisation with a comprehensive overview of your key digital assets, relevant technical and non-technical vulnerabilities, security risks, and your current level of cyber maturity. We also provide you with a specific and action-oriented plan for the systematic improvement of your cybersecurity.


    Our Cyber Security Assessment (‘ACSA’) offers you an encompassing approach to fundamentally enhance the cybersecurity of your organisation. We do so systematically and from different perspectives, both technical and non-technical. We also conduct the ACSA from a changed perspective: it is imperative that your organisation knows where it stands and what will still be needed to reach a sufficient level of cybersecurity. Getting management and top-ranking officials involved is an essential part of the ACSA. We thus actively involve your management and work with them to determine the necessary steps for developing a targeted improvement program.



    Athenorm Cyber Security Assessment provides valuable insights to design your cybersecurity from a risk-based perspective with the full commitment of management. We provide the following deliverables:

    • An overview of your business-critical assets;
    • Prioritized overview of your primary business risks in a business risk profile;
    • Insight into your current technical vulnerabilities, on the level of your architecture as well as on the level of specific measures;
    • Increased security awareness for all those involved, directly or indirectly;
    • Clarity about the cybersecurity ambitions that your organisation wants to achieve and the principles to follow in achieving those ambitions;
    • A clear step-by-step plan to achieve the target level of cybersecurity.

    Support and coaching for the required changes and implementation activities to achieve the intended level of cybersecurity.

    Technical Assessment

    Identify the technological vulnerabilities in your current IT architecture and decrease the risk of incidents. Mitigate the risk of any incidents.

    • Have an up-to-date insight into technical vulnerabilities.
    • Mitigate the risk and impact of current exploits. 
    • Improved technical protection against malicious parties.

    You want to know where your organisation is vulnerable to cybercrime. Separate from the organisation and in particular your employees, the primary vulnerabilities are embedded in your IT systems. After all, the specific characteristics of your architecture determine the extent of your organisation’s vulnerability to cybercrime from a technical perspective. Malicious parties are actively looking for deficiencies in the design and management of your IT environment in order to exploit them. New technological innovations and alliances – such as the Cloud – also result in more complexity and the introduction of new vulnerabilities.

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