We help companies navigate through the waters of Blockchain Innovation.

  • Blockchain technology offers several advantages.

    Decentralized—Blockchain is based on a peer-to-peer network design—where each participant, or node, in the network, is equal to all others. This means no controlling entity can unduly influence the system. No central authority is required. The rules and behaviors of the network are embedded within the software protocol. The larger the network grows, the more standardized rules and behaviors are propagated, making it increasingly unlikely that anyone actor, or multiple actors, could maliciously change the system’s behavior.

    Distributed—Each node on the network contains a complete copy of the entire ledger, from the first block, created—the genesis block—to the most recent one. In the Bitcoin example, its ledger holds every transaction ever done on every participating node for the last seven years. This distributed approach increases the overall resiliency and security of the system. If any node or collection of nodes goes offline, the system will continue to function. An attempt to defraud the system by changing the ledger to a different truth would require a majority of all copies of the ledger to be compromised to convince the network of that different truth.

    Distributed consensus—The design contains a radical innovation that solved the double-spending problem through a mechanism called “distributed network consensus.” This mechanism enables the entire network to reach an agreement about which blocks of transactions are valid and which ones are not, enabling peer-to-peer value exchange without involving a trusted third party or intermediary for that consensus. There are different models for distributed network consensus, for example, proof of work—employed by Bitcoin—or proof of stake.

    Tamper-proof (immutability)—Each transaction must be digitally signed using a participant’s private encryption key, which is kept only by the signer. The digital signature on a transaction can be validated by a signer’s corresponding public key. Public keys, as the name implies, are designed to be shared with anyone. This ensures a transaction can only be created by the holder of a specific private key. Once a transaction signature is validated, a transaction is cryptographically bound, through a mathematical algorithm called “hash.” The hash function creates a unique digital fingerprint for the transaction. Transactions are then hashed with other transactions into a block. When a block of transactions has been accepted by the network, it is cryptographically bound to the ledger and distributed to all the nodes on the network.

    Athenorm intelligence is all about

    Blockchain Innovations.


    Athenorm consultancy understand distributed systems and are experts in cryptography. We can examine the landscapes of fraud, counterfeiting, security, and transparency surrounding your company. Athenorm is here is to identify and solve problems with Blockchain Innovations that re-examine trust in today's world.

    Ambient Intelligence

    "Artificial Intelligence" is an emerging discipline that brings intelligence to our everyday environments and makes those environments sensitive to us. Ambient intelligence (AmI) research builds upon advanced sensors and sensor networks, pervasive computing, and artificial intelligence.


    Because these contributing fields have experienced tremendous growth in the last years and the result in technologies promise to revolutionize daily human life by making people’s surroundings flexible and adaptive. We are now integrating AI agents, sensors and automated prototypes to better serve your audience, helping your organization get ahead of the competitive market.

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